Citywide Resurfacing Project & New gis layers

The City of La Mesa now offers public access to Geographical Information System (GIS) data for existing public infrastructure and planned improvements. This includes information on the City’s ongoing Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, Traffic Calming requests, and existing City Infrastructure.

The CIP map provides information on all of the City’s current active Capital Improvement Program projects, such as the Citywide Pavement Resurfacing Project and the West La Mesa Pedestrian and Bicycle Connect Project. This map provides the location, description, current schedule, and contact information for the project.

The Traffic Calming map shows all of the streets that have requested residential Traffic Calming improvements as part of the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. As a resident, this will help show whether your street has been reviewed by City engineers and the current status of each street. Additional information on the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is available on the City’s Traffic Calming website.

The City Infrastructure map gives you information on the City’s Public Infrastructure system from streets to parks and everything else. This can also be used to let us know if you see an error on the maps or you see something broken and would like to request a repair using the YourGov system

For each map, you can click on the item (line, box, etc.) and get additional information such as the size, type, schedule, etc. You can also search by street, address, type of infrastructure, or many other options.

Another project you can check in on is the 2018 Citywide Pavement Resurfacing PrIMG_8389oject, a multi-faceted road resurfacing project funded through TransNet, Senate Bill 1 (SB-1), and CalRecycle Rubberized Pavement Grant Funds.  This project will resurface streets throughout the City and in many areas implement a Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), making this type of paving both sustainable and cost-saving.  But what exactly is FDR? If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Pavement PRSI YouTube video.

Some advantages and community benefits of FDR:

  1. Cost and time savings 30% to 50%
  2. Recapitalization and recycling of the City’s pavement assets
  3. Reduced amount of construction trucks going in/out by a typical ratio of 40:1
  4. Reduced construction traffic on the City’s streets.
  5. Safer and easier access to residents and businesses during construction because of minimal excavations/removals and reduced construction schedules.

IMG_8391Streets to receive street resurfacing and full depth reclamation are as follows:

  • - Mellmanor Drive – Amarillo Avenue to Cul-de-Sac
  • - Lemon Avenue – Spring Street to Oliver Lane
  • - Dalhart Avenue – El Paso