North Spring Street Improvements

La Mesa has a long-standing tradition of developing walkable neighborhoods by improving sidewalks to create pedestrian-friendly streets. The City has strived to improve the connection along north Spring Street between the Civic Center and the industrial zone since the adoption of the Freeway Crossing Plan in 2008, which identified opportunities to enhance the area.

The corridor is heavily traveled by those taking the trolley and walking to work. More recently, foot traffic has increased as a result of the breweries and wineries in the neighborhood. Yet, those who walk it regularly, recognize it is not ideal for pedestrian and bike safety. 

TheN Spring St City recently broke ground on a grant-funded capital improvement project (CIP) just south of the industrial area on Spring Street. The initiative is referred to as the “North Spring Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project”. The project includes: adding new sidewalks and bridge safety railing between the North end of Spring Street and Center Street; accessible pedestrian ramps with high-visibility crosswalks; signage for a class 3 bike route to be shared with vehicular traffic, as well as improvements to traffic signal equipment.

The project is funded through the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The construction cost is slightly under $1.6M, and the grant funds $1.2M of that total. Local matching funds to the grant will be paid through TransNet, which are funded through local sales tax. The City has publicly bid and awarded a construction contract to Miramar General Engineering for the project, which is slated to be completed spring 2019. For more information or questions, please contact Project Manager Jeff Manchester at